Make a game in 3 hours!
This week's theme is: SMOKE
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What's the 3 Hour Game Jam?

While searching for a cure for writer's blook, a suggestion was made to try to create "the smallest game you can think of" using one or two words for inspiration. After a couple nights of rapid jamming, we were hooked! It's been teaching us to think quickly and efficiently, and to design within the given scope.

We want other devs to join us in the fun, and create games in 3 hours!

What are the deets?

1) Check the site and twitter every Friday at 12:00 PM EST for the weekly theme!

2) Take 3 hours out of your weekend, and rapid jam something sweet!

3) Post a link to your game on twitter under the hashtag #3hGJ and @ replying us @3hrGameJam by 9 PM EST on Sunday, and we'll compile and post a poll at 12 PM EST on Monday so people can vote on their favourite games!

4) Vote for your favourite game by the next Friday at noon EST! The highest-voted game by will get a front page feature on the site for the next week!

We're gonna run on an honour system here, because we know game devs are cool, honest people! So, whatever you have done at the end of your three hours, is what you have done!
Have questions? Tweet us at @3hrGameJam